What people say about G2G

"If your looking for a Martial Arts gym with a coach that won’t quit on you Good2Go MMA is the place to be. I’ve been working with Kenny for over a year now and he cares for the people he coaches and his work ethic is the best I’ve ever seen in a person. Couldn’t ask for a better coach."
Kevin C.
"I have been working with Kenny via virtual coaching sessions 2x/weeks for 6 weeks now. He is in Virginia and I am in Florida. I feel better about myself, have more energy and can actually move around easier! He is so worth it. Because he works himself out of his job, supporting his clients to become independent and take personal responsibility for their health I am starting to work out on my own. That is something I have always struggled with. Try coach Kenny if you want to improve your health and have a better lifestyle!"
Ruth T.
"These guys know how to push and motivate you to tap into the best of you. Top instruction and a great group of people to keep you wanting more. My family feels lucky to of found Good2Go MMA & Fitness and I bet yours will too."
Danny B.
"Great gym! Great Coaches!! They really focus on each individual person making sure no one gets left behind! Nice big training space! Gotta check them out!!"
Samreth N.
"This is my favorite place to be, other than my home. Better than Disney World. Sign up your kids, sign up your wife, sign up everybody."
Brandi D.
"I've worked and known Kenny for a decade. He's always stood out to everyone for never quitting and his solid work ethic while still being personable. If you have kids, this is the place I will take my daughter when shes old enough because I want her to have that same discipline and work ethic. Training with him personally has always been fun and challenging. So glad he's opening his own gym now, can't wait to train here!"
Logan S.

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Our Standards

We maintain a supportive environment for competition teams to develop. We believe in hard work, integrity, and transparency for the positive growth of our members, their families and the sports we compete in. You don’t have to be a competitive athlete to train like one.

Who We Are

Our mission is to offer top-tier training programs that will equip our members with confidence in being able to physically protect themselves and loved ones. 

Why Us

We encourage a safe environment and have always maintained a high level of cleanliness for our facility. Visit us soon, our offerings hold a spot for everyone in the family.